Nann Films was founded on a simple yet powerful belief: every moment has a story, and every story deserves to be told in the most captivating way possible. Since our creation, we've had the privilege of working with a myriad of clients, cementing our reputation in the local area and beyond. Our service is a testament to our dedicated, friendly professionals who prioritize delivering high-quality work within scheduled timelines, always striving to build enduring relationships with our clientele.





Emerging from the bustling heart of New York, we are a close-knit team of sibling filmmakers who turned a hobby into a passion, and a passion into a thriving profession. Eight years ago, we picked up our cameras, and since then, they have become an extension of our creative vision.

Our journey started with capturing personal moments of friends and family, cherishing the art of filmmaking, honing our skills, and perfecting our style. As we grew, so did our scope. Today, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse clientele - brands, influencers, real estate firms, contractors, architects, and engaged couples - weaving their unique narratives into engaging visual content.


Meet Frank and Christie, the sibling powerhouse behind Nann Films. Frank pairs charisma with a commitment to quality, delivering engaging content. Christie, with an artistic eye for detail, weaves compelling visual narratives. Together, they create unforgettable stories, translating passion into every client project.

Frank Nannariello

Frank, a Clemson University alumnus (2023), discovered his passion for videography early on.

He has honed his craft creating vibrant social media content for various brands, and gained unique experience working with the Clemson football team.

Whether behind a drone or camera, Frank delivers top-quality work, blending charisma and professionalism to provide a tailored client experience.

Christie Nannariello

Christie, a Wake Forest graduate, has a natural knack for capturing moments and emotions through the lens.

Her astute artistic eye and keen attention to detail are the foundations of her work. Christie has developed a distinctive storytelling style, turning everyday moments into extraordinary visual narratives.

Her commitment to excellence and personalized approach ensures each client's story is told in a compelling, authentic manner.